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Dustease Ostrich Feather Dusters > Long 70cm ostrich feather duster £22.99

Long 70cm ostrich feather duster £22.99

Prices From: £21.99


Designed for dusting naturally

Say goodbye to aerosols and chemicals that pollute the environment and hello to dusting a natural way. 70cm long ostrich feather duster.

With a plume of millions of separate whispy fillaments enriched by natural oils, the ostrich feather is an optimal choice for grabbing and holding dust.

Its extra softness allows it to dust hard to reach areas while protecting delicate surfaces from scratching (feathers will not scratch, but may trap particles that may scratch).

Contains only top grade feathers with no filler material and no colour dyeing. Under normal use an ostrich feather duster will last for years. To release trapped dust, a quick shake is all it takes. The feathers may also be washed in warm soapy water, rinsed and air-dried.

The ideal duster for your home:

Perfect for these uses and more:

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